The organization system of the server is dynamic in nature, meaning additions and subtractions can be made whenever necessary/on a whim. These include vehicles, skins, weaponry, and member slots.

Joining an organization allows a player to wield its weapons and use the skins and vehicles allocated to it.


The server has a wide array of jobs available for players, allowing them to earn in-game money. These jobs include trucking (most popular), farming, bus driving, pizza deliveries, and others. VIP users can also start taxi missions. Besides these, the server offers players the option to export vehicles and climb up the leaderboard within the server.


The business system we offer is dynamic in nature, much like the organizations. Preexisting businesses have shares on offer, which players can invest in (5%-100%). Moreover, players can request business establishments via the forums, worth up to $5 million. Players also have the ability to sell their shares to other players for a price above the market rate, allowing for roleplay opportunities such as profiteering.

About The Staff Team

The staff of RG is synonymous with diversity. It is made up of people from multiple continents, reflecting the values of our server, wherein all cultures are valued equally. The team was formed by Wookie, one of the server's owners, hailing from Norway. Rounding out the management of the server are Focus and Demon, from Romania and Bangladesh, respectively. Dutch prodigy Saffierr is the script developer, while Maltese queer Toni is the web developer. These individuals are joined by Pakistani community legends Enfield and Lancer, Bengali Aiden and Africa's only representative, Zach as Senior Administrators.

VIP Ultimate Subscription

The VIP Ultimate is the package which offers the most exclusive features. These features include changing vehicles at one's own discretion, and selling them to other players to make handsome profits. Moreover, it allows access to the "CJ" skin, which is not available to other players. It also allows players to learn exclusive fighting-styles and have access to 'VIP vehicles' (such as the Monster Truck). VIP players also have a chat solely made for them, and have the ability to write custom texts in the server chat. These players are also given access to a special VIP-only channel on our Discord server.

Online Players